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Over the last 60 years, Rouleaux Pack has established itself as the leading manufacturer of handling rollers, drive rollers, drums and roller brackets. Today, the company is present in several sectors of activity, with their own specificities and requirements.

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Rollers :
efficiency guaranteed

In a similar vein to the logistics sector, namely for the transporting of unit loads, the handling roller was quickly adopted in the airport sector.

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Thermal power plants and
waste processing

Rouleaux Pack has developed handling rollers for bulk materials and/or unit loads, adapted to the requirements of the energy sector.

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terrestrial resources

Mining, quarrying and
oil shale mining

When the French mining industry started to wind down in the 1980s, Rouleaux Pack turned to the export and international market.

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The material revolution

In this sector where there is a lot of manual handling, the handling roller can be seen as the ideal solution, guaranteeing reliability and efficiency.

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A historic

This sector of industry was one of the first in which Rouleaux Pack specialised, particularly brick making.

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Industrial processes &

Optimised rollers
for each activity

Rouleaux Pack has been specialised in industrial equipment for many years.

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