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  • Rollers for bulk materials

    French standard PNE 53300 and European standard NFE 53301

    Roller sealing

    Rouleaux Pack handling rollers for bulk materials are equipped with our M+ sealing technology, which meets the needs of the majority of standard uses. Combined with the right choice of grease, the M+ sealing technology is one of the most effective on the market.
    Loss of tightness is the main cause of roller failure. With Rouleaux Pack’s sealing technology, you can significantly increase the reliability of your installations.


    The tubes normally used to manufacture Rouleaux Pack handling rollers for bulk materials are rolled and welded tubes made of A37, type 101, lightly oiled as per standard NFA EN 102 04/2.2. Rouleaux Pack maintains a large stock of tubes to ensure that it can guarantee the shortest possible lead times.
    The company also offers tubes made of other materials, depending on needs:

    • Hot drawn steel tubes
    • Grade 304 stainless steel roller tubes
    • Plastic tubes

    Tube finishing

    Rouleaux Pack offers many different finishing options for bulk material handing roller tubes, corresponding to every type of usage:

    • Machined finishes: cylindrical grinding or biconical milling
    • Rubber or other elastomer coatings
    • Anti-corrosion treatments: zinc/zinc-nickel coating, hot-dip galvanised coatings (60-70 µ) or paint

    Drawn tubes

    Rouleaux Pack uses grade E24 drawn tubes for diameters 15 and 20 mm. For diameters above 20 mm, grade E36 is used.
    Rouleaux Pack also has the possibility of using stainless steel drawn tubes.

    Roller bearings

    Rouleaux Pack mainly uses 6000 series roller bearings, as well as 22000 series roller bearings on request. All the roller bearings used are made with grades of steel that meet standard NF EN ISO 683-17. Rouleaux Pack also has the possibility of using stainless steel roller bearings.


    Using good grease is essential to ensuring a good service life for a handling roller. Rouleaux Pack has selected 4 greases that cover the vast majority of needs encountered in the handling field:

    • Grease S: standard lithium soap grease
    • Grease H: synthetic soap grease
    • Grease B: polymer-based soap grease without metal salts
    • Grease A: food grade grease
    Characteristic S H B A
    Thickener Li-Ca Calcium sulfonates Polymers Aluminium complex
    NLGI consistency number 2 1/2 2/3 1.5
    Dropping point (°C) 160 >300 >230
    Base oil Mineral Mineral Mineral 1/2 synthetic
    Viscosity at 40°C mm2/s 150 330 82 150
    4-ball wear test 0.8 0.5 0.5 0.5
    Max./min. temperatures (°C) -20/+110 -25/+180 -30/+150 -20/+130